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Retractable AWning With Drop Valance


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Outdoor Dining In the Shade

Durasol has a comprehensive range of awnings to meet just about any shading need in a variety of price ranges.

The Bella & Carina Semi-Cassette Retractable Awnings

Our quiet and maintenance free Bella or Carina Retractable awning provides a tight seal when the awning is retracted.  This protects the awning fabric from environmental damage.

The front bar has a built-in rain channel to move the rain off the awning.

Awning Width: 6'8" to 30' in 1/4" increments

Awning Projection: 5'3" - 13'6"

Awning Operation: Motorized or Manual

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Retractable Deck Awning
Closed Bella Roof Mounted Awning

The Triumph - A Heavy-Duty Large Retractable Awning

If you are looking for a BIG Heavy Duty Retractable Awning, then the Triumph could be a great choice for both a home or a business, shading up to 475 sq. ft. and projects up to 15' 11"

Awning Width: 15'6" to 30' (in 1/4" increments)

Awning Projections: 13'5", 14'3", 15'1" and 15'11"

Awning Operation: Motorized or Manual   Warranty: 12 Years

Patio Retractable Awning
Closed Retractable Awning

The Elite Plus - Adjustable Retractable Awning

The Elite Plus Awning that allows you to fine tune your sun protection as the sun moves during the day.

A patented adjustable awning shoulder gives this awning the ability to adjust. This option lets you drop each awning corner independently to block the sun, this is why the front bar is fabricated with a built-in level.

Awning Width: 7' to 46' (in 1/4" increments)

Awning Projections: 5'3", 7'8", 8'6", 10'2", 11'9" and 13'6"

Awning Operation: Motorized or Manual  Warranty: Lifetime

Retractable patio awning
Retractable Awning With Drop Valance

The Regal Entry Level Retractable Awning 

If you are looking for a full-featured entry level retractable awning then look at our Regal!

Nylon coated steel cable and a high-tension arm spring system keeps the awning fabric taut.

Awning Width: 6'1" to 23' (in 1/4" increments)

Awning Projections: 5'3", 7'8", 8'6", 10'2" and 11'4"

Awning Operation: Motorized or Manual   Warranty: 8 years

Affordable Retractable Awning 

Durasol Regal Awning

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