Shading Structures

Pergola Awning

The Pinnacle Pergola AwningPergola Awning

The Pinnacle One

This exterior retractable shade structure has legs to form a pergola awning.   As a customized awning it can be used individually or you can combine several to shade a larger area. The components are powder coated aluminum and as a result are corrosion resistant.  The fabric remains taught thanks to a tension driven system.

The Pinnacle Two

This Pinnacle model is similar to the Pinnacle One but without the front legs.Awning on Pergola  It is designed to be mounted onto an already existing structure such as a pergola, skylight or glass roof.

Each Pinnacle model incorporates a brush to prevent debris from rolling up with the fabric into the Pinnacle, make them self-cleaning.


Double Sided Free-Standing Retractable Awning - The TempoDouble Sided Retractable awning

The Tempo Double Sided Retractable Awning is self supporting and made to be used where a typical mounting surface is not about.  Shades up to 360 sq. ft.

This free standing awning supports double sided retractable awning and has a heavy-duty powder coated steel frame.



This new Retractable Awning Concept

We even gave devoted a whole web page to this unique outdoor living idea! (click for more information)

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