Solar Shades

Solar shade

Retractable Solar Screen Systems

Interior and Exterior Solar Shades can provide more comfortable indoor living and outdoor living for you and your family, or in the case of a commercial application it can make your clients have a more comfortable experience.

Our technologically advanced solar shades will save energy, reduce fading of furnishings, provide privacy, reduce glare and more.

Interior Solar Shades

If you are looking for light control, energy efficiency, to reduce fading of your furnishings or to reduce the glare on your TV screen or computer monitor, an interior retractable solar screen can solve all of these issues and still preserve your view of the outdoors!



Exterior Solar Screen Shades

Exterior Shading Systems help to decrease interior fading from damaging UV rays, reduce energy bills and give you control of natural lighting and privacy of your home or business.

How do the Exterior Solar Shades reduce the effect of the sun?  See the diagram below to see how exterior solar shades can reduce the sun's absorbed energy inside your home by 70%.


How Solar shades work


The Palisade Horizontal Privacy and Solar Shade

Horizontal Privacy Solar Shade 

The Palisade is a horizontal spring-loaded shade system. This outdoor solar shade provides a dividing wall for condominium and townhouse decks. To create instant privacy from your neighbors, simply pull the shade handle and attach to a wall mount or the post system provided.

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