Pergola Awnings

The Original Louvered Roof System!

Solara Louvered Roofs

When you choose the Solara louvered roof system, you are giving yourself one of the best all season patio covers available.  With the push of a button you can go from partial shade to total shade as this system will close the slats to form a roof.

These beautiful pergolas come in five standard colors: white, cameo, latte, adobe and Spanish brown so we can compliment your home perfectly.

If you are worried about wind, you can rest assured that these pergolas can withstand 140 mile per hour winds in either the open or closed position.  Also, they can withstand snow loads of over 40 lbs per square foot. And they are backed by the best warranty coverage on the market today.

Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient

If making sure that the products you use in your backyard are eco-friendly then look no further - Solara is the greenest patio cover on earth.

Your pergola is made of maintenance free and recyclable aluminum.  Have we mentioned that they are energy efficient as well?  Having this pergola over your patio will help defray the cost of your cooling, heating and lighting in your home.

If you are an avid gardener you will rejoice when you learn that you can collect natural rain water that can be stored or diverted to your garden.

Adjustable Louvered Pergola System

Durable & Weather-Resistant

The Solara Pergola is the most economical adjustable louvered cover system and will fit any budget.

The roll-formed louver has the best strength to weight ratio in the industry.  The heavy duty extruded louvers have double the thickness of the roll-formed louvers and you will be surprised that they are the most competitively priced extruded louver on the market.

It is worth noting that the Solara extruded louvers come standard with a UV resistant steel and is specially designed to offer additional rain resistance and be able to handle even heavier snow loads.

Solara Adjustable Patio Cover

The "Smart" Shading System